SHE Boss will empower you to be the boss of your own true self + embrace your WHOLE self, mind + body.

While SHE Boss bears the name "SHE", the goal is to be inclusive with anyone who identifies as or with SHE: Strong.Happy.Empowered. Including topics about dating, relationships, intimate wellness, confidence, self-esteem + sexesteem, body image + body confidence, having your voice, healthy boundaries, personal + intimate desire, holistic pleasure, getting your head in the game + your body between the sheets, and (re)creating the spark within you as well as in your relationship + intimacy. It will be real, raw and authentic because you are well-deserving of knowing your WHOLE self, mind + body, and experiencing a healthy, fulfilling and pleasurable sense of self. Let’s lift each other up + level each other out by continuing to Boss Up, Rise Above + Represent together! EXPLORE.EXPERIMENT.EMBRACE. Begin the journey to embracing your SHE Boss: Strong.Happy.Empowered.

“You don’t get to where you want to be by sitting comfortably. You get to where you want to be by taking risks.”

Stop Wishing, Start Doing + Begin Embracing Your SHE Boss

  • How do I begin to discover, feel and embrace my true SHE Boss?
  • How do I enhance my personal self-worth and confidence?
  • How do I awaken my self-awareness, self-worth, and self-esteem + sexesteem?
  • How do I embrace my mind, body, and soul to fuel my own energy and presence? 
  • How do I bring back or enhance my true desires and pleasures?
  • How do I stand in my own power + be the boss of my own true self? 
Do These Questions Sound Familiar? Begin Your Journey Today!

Believe It.

Own It.

Embrace It.

You can expect the following to happen when you sign up to begin your journey to embracing your SHE Boss!

SHE Boss Exercises 

Go at your pace with our 1:1 coaching sessions with Dr. J, specialized courses, and/or exclusive access to content, resources and tools to help with enhancing your mind + body, standing in your own power by doing you, becoming the boss of your own true self, embracing your personal self + sexual self, and creating the spark in your intimacy and relationship. . You will go at YOUR pace. There is no one way. There is no right way. It’s discovering YOUR way. 

Q&A Blog

Able to submit questions directly to Dr. J and/or our team of experts to be answered in a comprehensive and personalized fashion. 

Live Coaching Session

(50-Minute Session @ $150)

Begin embracing your SHE Boss by scheduling a 50-minute live video coaching session with Dr. J. 

When you enroll in one of Dr. J's exclusive courses, you will have access to schedule a 30-minute live video coaching session at a discounted rate. 

Interactive Group Discussions Via Private Facebook Group & Within Platform

Facilitated by Dr. J and/or one of our experts. Through our Power of a SHE Boss Facebook group and on our exclusive VIP platform, discussions will cover a wide variety of key components to help you on your journey to embrace your SHE Boss. 

Exclusive Access to Additional Content Offered By Our Team Of Experts & Personal Access to Dr. J’s Podcast, Audios, Videos & Blog

Sign up for our email list, social media platforms, and/or VIP platform to get exclusive access to all platforms and additional content offered by our team of experts. Able to submit questions, topics of interest, and personal experiences (confidentially) to be featured on any of Dr. J’s platforms.  

Begin Your Journey To Boss Up, Rise Above + Represent like a SHE Boss!

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Coaching Session

Let’s get started with doing YOU + embracing your SHE Boss: Strong.Happy.Empowered! Feel free to call or text me directly at (585) 362-7284 to schedule your initial coaching session.


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